Chantal has always had a passion for acting and has performed from a young age. Originally from Belgium, Chantal has for the last twenty-five years, travelled extensively and has lived in many countries, raising her two wonderful children and being a Hypnotherapist. She considers her ten years as a Hypnotherapist as a fantastic tool to use in her acting. Chantal's fascination for people and psychology inspires her to take on interesting roles and aids her to step into any role with ease.


Apart from the interest in the human puzzle, she also speaks several languages and 'feels' the different cultures whilst speaking them. Chantal continuously invests time into improving her acting skills through private tuition and acting classes. Her ultimate dream is to play in a period drama, a dowager with a strong, fair and at times sensitive character. 

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Alex Peacock (Director): "Worldly and sophisticated. Chantal is a patient and fearless individual. I look forward to working with her again."

Heather Brown (Asst Director): "Chantal is a true professional who takes direction very well."

Voice Reel

Chantal Brosens

Anton Kudryashov Jr (Director): "I had the pleasure of working with Chantal who approached the project with great energy. On set Chantal could adjust easily to any direction that I gave her and when the camera was not rolling she created a friendly atmosphere behind the scenes. I think Chantal's best quality as an actress is her ability to adapt her performance. She would listen to the smallest advice and produce a visible, yet subtle, change. Working with Chantal was both enjoyable and productive. I would work with her again at the first opportunity."


Ilya Strelkov (Director): "Chantal's acting was wonderful."